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We are Project Manager.

When it comes to your specific projects, we are on hand to assist using polished products and tools which we can quickly and optimally adapt to the requirements of your company.

Have time limits and/or budgets already been exceeded?

We will identify and analyze the success factors for your project and will help you to re-orientate as a consultant for your project. We would be happy to set up the project office for you.

Are you uncertain as to whether your project still meets the objectives?

Using best practice solutions, e.g. the Tiba ‘Project Audit’ in order to optimize individual projects, we can provide you with a quick and realistic mapping of your project status and as such, introduce suitable measures and steps.

Are you faced with a bottleneck in your Project Management staff?

We are happy to help out by providing a project manager which matches your needs exactly. This project manager will successfully manage your project in the timeframe and cost-related framework that is on offer. The task and competence-oriented involvement of the project staff will guarantee you tailored support for your project work using the standards which are already implemented in your projects. Alternatively, we can manage your project office.

Do you require a presenter for your project?

 In your project we would be happy to present your planning, review, team development and lessons learned workshops.

We will assist you with our sophisticated products and tools for your specific projects and adapt them to suit the needs of your company.

Would you like to make sure you have all your stakeholders on board for your project? 

We will provide you with transparency on all your current stakeholders and thus help you to avoid the risk of any “surprises” and any unscheduled “interferences” to the project.

Are you looking for long-term resources for operative project support? 

We will find you the right kind of project management personnel for long-term tasks and activities on the basis of contracts for temporary staff or service contracts by using our subsidiary Tiba Projektservice.





Project Services

  • Project auditing
  • Planning workshops
  • Planning initiatives
  • Estimate talk estimate (Delphi method)
  • Start up workshops
  • Konflict workshops
  • Feedback exercise
  • Team development workshop
  • Review workshop
  • Project office set up
  • Performance improvement at the individual project level

Project personnel hired for a given period of time

  • Project Assistents
  • Project Controllers
  • Project Managers
  • Project Leaders
  • Program Managers

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